Nudging Guests To Write Positive Hotel Reviews: Effective Strategies

What’s in it for me?

Here’s a basic idea of what you’ll learn from this article:

  • Figure out the best approaches to collect more positive guest reviews
  • Understand how delight drivers throughout the guest journey help boost satisfaction
  • Personalize the guest experience to ensure positive hotel guest reviews
  • Encourage more positive guest reviews by delivering immense value
  • Remove any friction and simplify the review-writing process for guests

make your guests write positive hotel reviews

The most common observation we get from hotel and accommodation partners around the world is- 

  • most guests have a great stay and don't make the effort to write positive hotel reviews, while 
  • the few who don't enjoy their visit choose not to communicate their dislikes with us and instead write negative reviews. 

While your guests may not always feel the need to leave feedback about their stay, you need to know how essential it is to gather good ratings and ask for reviews from your clients. 

In this article, we will explore the importance of ample feedback and strategies on how to collect more and better reviews from your guests.

Understanding The Influence Of Ratings & Positive Reviews

importance of positive reviews for hotels

In today's digital landscape, you must recognize the paramount influence of positive hotel ratings and reviews. These online testimonials hold the power to captivate potential guests and steer them toward your property. 

A study by Cornell states that an increase of one point in a hotel's average user rating (on a scale of 1 to 5) heightens the chance of potential customers to book the place by 13.5%. Similarly, the same one-point bump in rating allows the facility to increase its price by 11.2% without loss of occupancy. 

Hotel ratings offer a quick gauge of your property's overall quality, while reviews provide insights into everything from the comfort of rooms to the attentiveness of the staff. Additional services like prompt guest messaging during all stages of the guest experience and premium amenities are like the memorable toppings on the cake that make an exciting impression and nudge your visitors to write positive hotel reviews.

Hence, the significance of ratings and reviews cannot be overstated. Positive reviews not only attract more bookings but also contribute to your property's reputation, drive repeat business, and encourage word-of-mouth recommendations. 

That is why it's imperative to encourage guests to write hotel reviews.

Happy Guests, Positive Reviews: The Recipe For Success

Increasing positive guest feedback for hotels holds immense importance for several reasons. They are integral in building trust and credibility, enhancing online visibility, and attracting repeat business. 

You can see how a plethora of praiseworthy reviews and a top ranking influence consumer purchase decisions, boost staff morale, and make you stand out among your competitors.

Additionally, these reviews help you identify areas of improvement and mitigate the impact of negative reviews. 

While it is possible to ask guests for more online reviews, the big-picture game running on long-term growth and sustainability goals capitalizes on exceptionally nuanced hotel conditions and purely personalized hospitality to make it happen organically. 

Ultimately, it helps encourage more hotel guest reviews as well as instill trust and confidence in potential travelers looking to book.

How to Make Your Guests Leave Positive Reviews

make your customers write positive hotel reviews

Before we begin on how to nudge guests to leave positive reviews on hotel visits, here are a few facts and figures worth knowing:

  • 81% of consumers are likely to write positive reviews if they feel the business went above and beyond to ensure a highly satisfying experience.
  • 51% will likely post a review after receiving a mail/message from the hotel pertaining to feedback.

These pointers show how the average consumer’s mind works when considering the intent to write positive hotel reviews. Now, the basic question “Do you want customers to leave reviews?” gets a little tweaked and a detailed answer. 

Let’s dive into it-

  • Personalized Guest Experience: The USP of Your Hospitality

When guests are greeted by name, offered their preferred amenities, and treated like individuals with unique needs, they feel valued and appreciated. Distinguishing your hotel through local experiences, thematic accommodations, or exclusive services is an enticing technique to get your customers to write positive reviews. 

This personalized touch paves the way to a deeper connection with your hotel and makes them more inclined to reciprocate with positive reviews, inspiring others to choose your establishment. Of all the ways to ask for a guest review, this approach leaves guests with a favorable last impression, nudging them to excitedly share their satisfaction.

  • The Art of Requesting Reviews: Sharing a Courteous Reminder

Utilizing crucial touchpoints, such as check-out or follow-up interactions, to ask for reviews can be remarkably effective. Engaging with guests at these moments, when their experience is fresh in their minds, increases the likelihood that they write good review notes. 

According to a survey, 34% of users submitted their review after receiving mail, while 23% acknowledged responding to SMS. When you politely and sincerely request feedback, guests perceive that you genuinely value their input, motivating them to highlight their positive experiences.

master the art of requesting positive reviews from hotel guests
  • Excellence in Crisis Resolution: Impressively Managing Challenges

According to the figures, if an initially negative experience were converted into a positive one before it was too late, 79% of customers would be highly likely to write positive hotel reviews online.

Swiftly addressing issues during a guest's stay showcases your hotel's dedication to exceptional service. They recognize that challenges can occur in any facility and appreciate your commitment to immediate resolution. The gratitude for your professionalism often translates into positive reviews.

  • Quality Customer Service: Fostering a Positive Atmosphere

A harmonious team that consistently delivers high-quality service reflects positively on your hotel. When guests encounter friendly and attentive staff who genuinely enjoy their roles, it contributes to an overall positive atmosphere. 

This considerate customer service resonates with guests and leads to good feedback for hotel staff. Consider your team’s well-being your priority and let them care for your beloved clients, leading to your customers voicing their contentment.

  • A Notch Above Expectations: Elevating Guest Satisfaction

Surpassing guests' expectations creates an exceptional impression that lingers in their minds. When they encounter delightful surprises or moments beyond what they anticipated, your facility will likely get more hotel guest reviews reflecting these positive aspects.

These reviews emphasize how your hotel consistently delivers more than promised, elevating guest comfort and attracting others to seek the same memorable experience.

  • Social Media Showcase: Amplifying Positive Impressions

A simple search with the words “hotel good review” is all it takes to bring out a hotel’s online history. Guests may feel free to write positive hotel reviews and share their experiences in the comment section of a Facebook or Instagram post reminiscing about their holiday experience.

Utilizing social media to highlight your ratings, rankings, reviews, responses, and testimonials can prompt guests to actively share their feedback. The transparency and authenticity of these remarks displayed on social media inspire trust and convince prospects and guests that their reviews will be valued and appreciated.

encouraging guests to write positive hotel reviews
  • Simplified & Quick: Eliminating Barriers to Feedback

It is necessary to reduce the inconvenience guests face when attempting to review. Streamlining this process removes any friction that might dissuade guests from sharing their thoughts.

Make the review-writing process simple, easy, and quick. Use a QR code that redirects your guests to the appropriate platform, or share a URL in your thank-you message to make it convenient and hassle-free for them.

In short, enhance the chances of garnering positive feedback and improve your online reviews by ensuring this process feels effortless

  • The Follow-Up Routine: Encouraging Ongoing Engagement

Sending a thoughtful follow-up message after a guest's stay, complete with personal touches that reflect their experience, demonstrates your dedication to their satisfaction. These caring notes can be accompanied by a gentle prompt to share their feedback. 

As guests sense that their opinions matter even after departure, this can move them to reciprocate your care by writing positive reviews that capture their lasting impressions.

To sum up, what works best is when the experience is crafted in a wholeheartedly satisfying manner such that guests make up their minds to write positive hotel reviews and post their compliments. However, this does not mean you should not request them. You must choose the right moment in their guest journey to seek their valuable evaluation of your services. 

And Don’t Forget To Handle Your Reviews Better

  • Always ask your guests to be honest in their feedback. It gives out a bad vibe if you request them to rate you five-stars or share an all-positive review.

  • Make use of a professional review request message sample like this one:

“Dear Mark, we trust you had a pleasant stay with us at Hotel Lex. Your valuable feedback matters greatly to us. We kindly invite you to take a moment to share your thoughts about your recent experience with us. Your insights will help us better understand what we're doing right and guide us in areas where we can improve. Sharing your review is easy. Please click on the following link to leave your feedback: {*the URL*}. Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to welcoming you back in the future.”

  • Though hoteliers prefer guests to write positive hotel reviews as early as possible, it is recommended that you request your guests to share their thoughts after their check-out.

  • Stay ahead of the curve with the help of well-planned review campaigns or effective reputation management software. Such tools will help streamline the guest journey and ensure your customers are always treated special.

  • Always try to retain your existing customers. Their recommendations and referrals are the most organic marketing methods. Brand loyalty is a peak of genuine reputation, and there’s nothing better than hearing a guest say, “I’ve loved staying here, and I will definitely be back!” 

Final Takeaway

High ratings and kind reviews are your golden ticket to enhance your hotel's reputation and visibility. 

Embrace strategies like personalized experiences, kind reminders, and exceptional service to encourage guests to share their satisfaction. By weaving these elements into your guest interactions and simplifying the review process, you can create an efficient recipe for success that fosters brand loyalty and organic marketing success.

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