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Leverage industry expertise & AI to craft impactful review and survey responses that resonate with your guests and drive guest loyalty.

We manage reviews globally for hospitality brands of all types and sizes, Including

Craft the response the way you talk-  in every response.

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No More Template Responses or Missed Reviews

Empower your team with next gen technology to respond anywhere easily, including review platforms:, Expedia, Tripadvisor, Google, Airbnb, VRBO, Agoda, Yelp, Medalia, brand reviews, and more.

Craft the response the way you talk-  in every response

Experience Tailored Personalization: Our approach meticulously aligns with your brand's distinctive tone, character, and communication style. We don't just write responses; we echo your brand's voice, ensuring each reply feels authentic 'you'

Personalized for the hospitality industry

Our AI is trained on a massive dataset of hotel reviews, so it understands the unique language and nuances of the hospitality industry. This ensures that your responses are always on-point and relevant.

Break Language Barriers

Make each guest feel valued. Respond to guests in their native language.

1 Location or 100s?

Effortlessly manage responses from all your locations while being consistent with each location's nuances and voice.

Small Step, Big Impact: Transform Guest Engagement, Elevate Online Reputation

Slash Response Times & Costs

Eliminate delays and free up resources with ReviewResponseAI-powered instant responses.

Personalize Every Review (No Templates!)

Craft human-like responses that make guests feel valued with our unique AI technology.

Elevate Your Online Ranking

Boost your online ranking with proactive customer engagement. Our reputation management platform allows you to collect great reviews and feedback.

Achieve 100% response rate

Effortlessly achieve 100% response rates and capitalize on every interaction across all reviews and brand platforms.

Get Up and Running Instantly

Our intuitive software lets you generate personalized replies in seconds. No training needed.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Stop drowning in tasks! ReviewResponseAI cuts your workload in half, freeing up your time to focus on what matters most.

Effortless Quality Consistency

Empower your team to deliver high-quality responses that maintain your brand voice every time!


Effortless AI Review Management at Scale Supercharges Your Operations

Prefer Expert, Human Help with Reviews? Try Review Response Concierge

  • Expert Team To Help With Your Reviews: Ditch the stress of responding - our team crafts professional, personalized replies that build guest relationships.
  • Maintain Brand Voice, Save Time: Focus on what you do best while we ensure consistent, high-quality communication across all platforms.
  • Full Control of Your Reputation Brand Voice: Easily approve responses with built-in workflow control, dedicated support, and professional response management, timely and professionally.
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One Dashboard. All Your Reviews and Direct Guest Feedback

  • Automatically Track reviews from all booking platforms that influence your guests' decisions, like TripAdvisor, Google,, Expedia, Agoda, Hostelworld, Yelp, and more. See them all in one place.
  • Track trends, analyze feedback, and respond professionally to influence booking decisions.
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GuestTouch is the best decision I’ve made for this hotel so far.

"GuestTouch helped us generate reviews seamlessly from our guests. For hotels nowadays, we observed that some guests are increasingly using reviews as a threat/weapon or tool. The vast majority of our guests that had a great experience did not leave reviews, even when asked or solicited. This has changed now with GuestTouch. GuestTouch is the best decision I’ve made for this hotel so far."

Michael K
General Manager
GuestTouch makes it easy not having to worry about that aspect of the operations.

"GuestTouch has helped reduce the stress level associated with managing reviews and professionally engaging with guests on the various platforms. GuestTouch makes it easy not having to worry about that aspect of the operations.  It easily pays for itself each month in time savings. It has been huge for our boutique portfolio. "

Kevin Thomas
Director of Operations
I appreciate GuestTouch and its team for what they do for us.

"Managing reviews daily is difficult for GM of a boutique property like us who has 100 other things to do. I appreciate GuestTouch and its team for what they do for us."

David Ramirez
Director of Sales
Review management with GuestTouch is much, much easier.

We have used several systems before, Review management with GuestTouch is much, much easier.

Vijay Patel
General Manager

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