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October 4, 2019

(ARTICLE UPDATED in December, 2020)
Editor’s Note: Originally published in October 2019, this post has been completely updated and refurbished for comprehensiveness, accuracy and relevance.

Responses have an incredible power to make or break your business. But responses to the reviews, both positive and negative, are equally essential to boost your business as 52% of the individuals will not make a reservation with the hotel having zero reviews. Again, the responses on the review sites are vital for proactive and reactive hotel online reputation management. Thankfully, there is a great list of sites that allow management responses, both public and private with their individual, specific procedures of obtaining the proper credentials for these review responses.

There are two types of public guest reviews:

a. With ratings and guest comments
b. With ratings but without guest comments

[Note: The information provided below is in a state of flux and keeps changing constantly. Hence it is better to remain updated with the changes taking place from time to time.]

Comprehensive List Of The Sites Which Permit Management Responses

TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel platform, also allows public responses. It accounts for about 25% of all reviews from all the top 10 sites. Not only this, but it also allows you to send a private message to the author of the review which, in turn, will only be sent directly to the review contributor. This is extremely helpful in winning the trust of the customers as it helps them feel that the hotel cares about their feedback and experience. Thus from the point of view of service recovery, this is an excellent way to boost your hotel’s online reputation and serves as one of the best hotel review sites.


• Before starting with the responses, you must first register as an owner with the TripAdvisor by claiming your free listing

Hey! I know what you’re looking for…

Click here to find out how to put your hotel on TripAdvisor.
Also, looking to claim your TripAdvisor listing? Click here to find out our as simple as ABC technique (step-by-step).

• Once you have registered, you can follow these simple steps.

What’s More?

For crafting perfect management responses, do not forget to have a look at TripAdvisor’s Management Response Guidelines.

With over 29 million listings worldwide, this Dutch-based website had officially launched its management response feature to all the hotels globally in February 2015 and helps allow management responses to the reviews received. It also allows the hoteliers to connect with the author of these reviews privately.

Type of reviews that the management can respond to:

Hotels can only respond to the reviews with guest comments.


• Here is how you can respond as per the Booking.com guidelines

Another great travel platform, Expedia allows public management responses in adherence to its community guidelines.

Type of reviews that the management can respond to:

Expedia and Hotels.com also allows users to leave a review without a comment (with ratings only). Hotels can respond to both types of reviews.


• To start responding, you must log in to Expedia Partner Central, a platform for the hoteliers to manage their properties.
• You can also respond to Expedia via email. However, in doing so, please make sure to include your Expedia Property ID. The email address for Expedia is ehrr@expedia.com
• To start responding on Hotels.com via e-mail, the address is htlrvw@hotels.com

[Ref: Also, have a look at the Expedia Community Guidelines while writing your responses.]

This is a go-to platform that can allow management responses. It is a fast-growing platform and is likely to become even more dominant in the coming years.

Type of reviews that the management can respond to:

Accounting for about 76% of reviews along with Facebook, Google also allows users to leave a review without a comment (with ratings only). Hotels can respond to both types of reviews.


• Before starting to reply, you must first add your listing.

Find out more about how to add your hotel/business to Google in simple steps coupled with some self-explanatory visuals.

• If at all trouble persists while verifying your local listing, you will be happy to learn that Google now also provides phone support for such verification issues.

[Ref: Take a look at the few steps and guidelines for Google management responses.]

5. Trivago

Besides, giving great deals, this platform also allows public management responses.


• Simply, register on their Hotel Owner Page for setting up your hotel profile.

Pretty simple to us! It has a ‘comment’ button at the bottom of each review to permit management responses. Again, it also enables the hotelier to add photos and videos to their replies.

7. Airbnb

To start responding to the reviews on your property, you need to become a host on this site for listing your home.

A dominant review site in Europe, it does allow management responses that are public.


• Register on the Hotel Manager Page to start responding to your hotel reviews.

9. Ctrip

It is a leading OTA having the largest share of online reviews in China. It also combines responses from other sites. Only some reviews on it can be answered publicly and not all. Only the ones left directly on Ctrip can receive a public management response.


• You must create your login credentials for the Ctrip ExtraNet. To do  so:
email: ebooking@ctrip.com
call: 021-34064880 ext 76153, 761151, 76143 or 761140.

10. Zoover

Zoover also allows public management responses.


• You will be required to register as an owner on their Accommodation Owners Page to start responding.

Other Widely Used-Sites Facilitating The Management Responses:

11. Rakuten

Permits public management responses on the Japanese site. But before responding, you must set up an Owner Profile.

12. HRS

Here you can have public management responses. Start by filling out an HRS Application Form to set up your hotel profile.

13. Yelp

Evolving gradually as a one-stop-shop for the business listings, you can put your hotel here as a large number of users already visit this site to find restaurants. You can start by claiming your hotel on Yelp.

14. Wotif

A dominant review site in Australia and New Zealand, it does allow management responses (public).

To start posting owner responses to reviews received on your property, sign up to the world’s biggest budget accommodation provider, and list your property.

To get started here, check out their business registration page.

17. eLong

You can sign up here. Email join@corp.elong.com or call 010-58602288 for help in creating login credentials

This platform has become increasingly beneficial in leaving reviews, in addition to checking-in at multiple locations. Here, you have a perfect chance to increase your visibility through more reviews. Here is how you can get started on Foursquare.

Other Guest Review Sites You Can Monitor Or Take Note Of:

Advantages Of Management Responses

• It increases your listing.
• It enhances your visibility.
• It expands your reach.
• Provides customers with various ways and platforms to leave their review.
• It allows you to identify the problem area which can facilitate further improvement.
• It helps enhance the guest experience.
• It helps fathom the extent to which a hotel is professional based on how the customer care responds to the customers’ queries.
• It helps take note of what’s trending, the likes and dislikes of the consumers, and so on.
• When you allow management responses, it helps clear the misunderstandings and sometimes also aids in possible service recovery.
• Serves as a valuable social proof for your hotel business.
• Professional hotel reviews and the resulting management responses to these reviews help the customers gauge the overall attitude of the hoteliers/staff towards their guests in general.
• It allows the users to know more about your property through the responses posted by others by providing additional context.
• It helps resolve issues.
• It helps influence the customer’s booking decision.
• It lures the users to check your website for more information.

You cannot always control a situation! But you can always try modifying its outcome through your response...

Monitoring so many sites for your review management will surely be a mammoth task. Again, it is going to be a tedious process. Hence, an excellent software solution is required which can regulate and take care of all these responses in tandem.

With GuestTouch, you can stand out and instill confidence in travelers researching their next stay with hand-crafted, personalized yet professional responses to the reviews. What’s more?

• Track all reviews in the next generation reputation dashboard.
• Respond timely and professionally to all your hotel reviews with care and attention across all the major reviews and OTA platforms.
• Hoteliers can either approve and publish responses or set parameters for auto-approvals.
• Use the smart prompts feature that draws from data to draft powerful and unique responses to each review on the sites that allow management responses.
• Provide input on a unique situation with one tap to give your details, which can be incorporated into the response.

We ensure that you never miss out on a single response. Promise!

Need a demo? It’s right here!

Clueless about crafting a perfect management response to your reviews. We’ve got you covered with some tips and insights!

For more information relevant to your property, don’t forget to reach out to us! We’ll be waiting:)

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