Tripadvisor and GuestTouch Team Up to Enhance Hotel Review Collection and Reputation Management

GuestTouch Is Now An Authorized Tripadvisor  Partner

Tripadvisor & GuestTouch Announce New Partnership: Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel platform, and GuestTouch, a leading provider of guest engagement and communication tools for the hospitality industry, have announced a new partnership that will help hospitality businesses collect more reviews, improve their online reputation, and enable clients to monitor Tripadvisor data within GuestTouch. 

Through this new collaboration, GuestTouch will integrate with Tripadvisor's reviews collection platform, allowing hospitality businesses to automatically invite guests to leave reviews after their stay. This will help businesses increase their number of reviews and improve their overall rating on Tripadvisor, which can lead to more bookings and increased revenue.

The partnership between GuestTouch and Tripadvisor will enable GuestTouch's clients to access and monitor Tripadvisor data such as traveler reviews, ratings, and popularity index rankings within the GuestTouch service. This will allow them to keep track of their online reputation, analyze guest feedback and respond to reviews. With the integration of Tripadvisor data, GuestTouch's solution will become more comprehensive, providing hoteliers with valuable business intelligence from online reviews and social media feedback that they can act upon.

GuestTouch's communication platform is designed to improve guest engagement and help hospitality businesses deliver exceptional guest experiences. As Tripadvisor & GuestTouch announce new partnership, businesses can now automatically send review invites to guests via email or SMS, making it easier for them to leave feedback and share their experiences with other travelers.

"We are delighted to partner with Tripadvisor to help hospitality businesses collect more reviews and improve their online reputation," said Pinak Soni, the CEO of GuestTouch. "Reviews are a critical part of a business's online presence, and our integration with Tripadvisor will make it even easier for businesses to collect valuable reviews from their guests on one of the trusted travel platforms in the world.” 

The new partnership between Tripadvisor and GuestTouch is set to revolutionize the way hospitality businesses collect and manage reviews. By streamlining the reviews collection process, businesses can focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences while also improving their online reputation.

For more information about Tripadvisor and GuestTouch's new partnership, please visit www.Tripadvisor .com and

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Posted on
April 26, 2023

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