Scaling new heights, GuestTouch gets featured in the CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Travel & Hospitality Tech Solution Providers-2019

With the shift in the modern-day traveler’s experience from the traditional manner of booking through the travel agents to going through online reviews before making the final call, there is the need for every hotelier to optimize their booking channels and view the guest experience holistically, from allowing the guests an easy way to communicate at every touchpoint to understanding guest experience and generating more reviews online. It is equally important to help automate many touchpoints which, in turn, helps hotels save a lot of time. Revamping this guest experience for the hotels is GuestTouch.Recently in an interview with CIO Review, Pinak H Soni, the CEO & Founder of GuestTouch gave a few insights into how the company has gone from a few people to serving hundreds of hotels across the country in just a few years, “We are honored to be selected as one of the 20-most promising companies in hotel technology,” said Pinak. He also added, “We are providing hotels with a robust solution that allows them to interact with guests at every potential touchpoint.”He further went on to share the ultimate goal or vision of the company “Our mission is to help all types of accommodation providers drive more bookings by helping them understand, elevate the guest experience, and engage with guests seamlessly.”

“We’re really grateful to our clients for enabling GuestTouch to be recognized in this special way. Over the past few years, we’ve seen how seeing guest experience more holistically is now being seen as a strategic imperative for hotels.”

Further, Pinak stressed on the workings of the company by highlighting how GuestTouch helps the hoteliers and guests strike a chord through direct message to share information about Wi-Fi, breakfast timings, etc. Again, it also helps the staff take immediate action if the customer faces any issue which aids in solidifying the guest experience with the help of a live message that pops right on the platform’s dashboard. In this context, he threw light on how GuestTouch assisted Lexen Hotel - North Hollywood create a strong presence which, in turn, helped the latter elevate their guest experience, enable in-hotel communication which led to an increase in reviews volume of 381 percent on Google and helped them bag a ‘TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence’ and the ‘Independent Hotel of the Year Award’ by AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association), the largest hoteliers association in the world.Further, he shared the ultimate vision of the company which is to enhance the guest experience even further. “We will continue to go deeper into our core domain and keep innovating to provide cutting-edge solutions that provide results to the hotel management by striking the right balance between machine learning and the human element, as hospitality is all about personal touch,” added Neeraj Kumar, CTO, GuestTouch. The company currently continues to work towards its goal with profound enthusiasm and dedication.

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About GuestTouchGuestTouch was started with the vision of elevating the guest experience which has been its mantra since day one. From tech geeks to literature aficionados, our team is inspired by the motto of, “Work Hard, Play Hard.” Driven by this passion, we started designing products that can make it super simple for the hoteliers to engage easily with the guests at every touchpoint, collect and manage feedback and reviews by deploying professional content writers and help drive bookings more consistently. Our simple designs, sophisticated technology, integrations, and Himalayan aspirations are focused on delivering top-notch products to hoteliers. Our eclectic team brings to GuestTouch a unique synergy. We are creative geeks who share a strong passion for hospitality space and customer service. We believe that customer experience drives the industry and are obsessed with delivering nothing but the absolute best. We have also partnered with AutoClerk, SiteMinder, Hotelogix, GuestCentrix, and others to ensure quick, easy to implement and better usage for hotel staff.Have questions? We can help!

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Posted on
January 30, 2020

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