How to Respond to the Reviews On Google (With Steps & Images)

Reviews have a massive role to play in the overall upkeep of your hotel’s reputation. Both the appraisal and criticism have the power to influence your clientele base. But more than that, how you respond to these reviews is even more important as it is a strong specimen of the care and concern that you demonstrate for your customers’ feedback. Fortunately, there are so many platforms that allow you to post a response to the user reviews on your property.

Of these, Google is one of the most well-known and widely used giants. It accounts for 57.5% of all reviews worldwide. In fact, 63.6% of consumers visit Google to check for reviews of a business.

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Ranking amongst one of the Big Four Multinational Technology Companies (Amazon, Apple, and Facebook), Google specializes in providing Internet related products and services. Headquartered at Mountain View, California, it was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September, 1998. It is one of the most widely visited platforms in the world. Here you can get a great variety of information on various businesses and what they specialize in. It includes a free and easy-to-use tool called ‘Google My Business’ where the business and organizations can manage their online presence by telling their story to the potential customers. Hence for every organization it is almost mandatory to list their business on GMB.

Google allows users to leave a review without a comment (with ratings only). Hotels can respond to both types of reviews.

Posting Google Review Responses might appear a bit tricky. But this article will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to respond to the reviews on Google:

1) Before starting to reply, you must first Add and Claim Your Listing on Google My Business.

GuestTouch has an excellent article that explains how to add your hotel/business to google in simple steps coupled with a demonstration through the images.

If at all trouble persists while verifying your local listing, you will be happy to learn that Google now also provides phone support for such verification issues.

2) After you have listed your business on there, it’s time to log in by entering your valid login credentials. You can click on the ‘Sign In’ option on top-right.

Google Review Response Step 2

3) A 'Manage Locations' page will be displayed where you have to select your hotel. If you have more than one hotel or business, type or choose the appropriate location in the ‘Search location' box.

Google Review Response Step 3

4) Once you’ve had your pick, click on ‘Reviews’ on the left menu bar.

Google Review Response Step 4

5) This will bring forth the reviews that you have received. To reply to a particular review, click on the ‘Reply’ button below it.

Google Review Response Step 5

6) In the ‘Your reply’ space, you can type in your response and once you are done, hit the ‘Post reply’ button.

Google Review Response Step 6

7) If there is the need to edit or delete the response, simply click on ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ options respectively.

Google Review Response Step 7

8) Follow the above steps for responding to more reviews on Google.

Even simple steps can make the process a bit exhausting. Hence we bring you an efficient and user-friendly solution. With GuestTouch, you can reap the benefits of an excellent review management solution which allows you to respond professionally and accurately to all the reviews, and that too hassle-free!

So why look elsewhere?

Have more questions regarding Google review responses? We can answer!

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Posted on
December 6, 2019

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