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Tips, insights, and best practices for creating the best direct sales channel

Here's A Promise To Increase Direct Bookings For Small Properties

This article talks about how to drive sales and increase conversions for small properties with more direct bookings.

How Google Joins The Hotel Bookings Battle

As much surprising as it sounds, it is true that Google joins the hotel bookings battle amidst other rivals, especially the OTAs to change the entire game. The result is a seamless experience for all the users looking for travel related information.

How Review Widget As Social Proof Can Help Boost Your Hotel Website’s Conversion

This articles emphasizes the importance of applying a review widget as social proof on hotel website to boost the conversion and overall ranking.

Types Of WebChat For Your Hotel Website & Their Benefits

This article elucidates the various types of WebChat for your hotel website along with their pros and cons and also stresses upon the importance of using a Hybrid WebChat to provide a perfect guest experience.

ADA Compliance For Hotel Websites: A Simple Guide

This article explains the ADA and the significance of the ADA Compliance for hotel websites keeping in mind the convenience of the disabled guests.

How to Get Direct Hotel Bookings On Your Hotel Website

This article briefly focuses on the tussle between the hotel websites and the OTAs and also suggests the ways in which the hoteliers can drive more direct hotel bookings through the hotel website.

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