How Lexen Hotel-North Hollywood Elevates Its Guest Experience By Implementing GuestTouch's Platform

“Our guest experience game took a 180-degree turn with the implementation of the solution provided by GuestTouch. Additionally, it helped streamline the entire process, right from communication to an efficient time management by our staff."
— David, Director of Operations, Lexen Hotel

Lexen Hotel- North Hollywood Elevates Its Guest Experience By Implementing GuestTouch's Platform

How Lexen Hotel built a strong presence in the industry by providing its guests a unique and personalized experience...

Providing its guests with an experience that is differentiated, exquisite, modern and personalized features on every hotel's list. While some aspects of the guest experience are timeless, and are provided by almost any property out there, an accommodation must stand out by doing something unique and special for its guests. It's almost like reading your guests' minds and fulfilling their requests even before they ask for it. Enhancing the guest experience never goes out of trend and it never will! To aid hoteliers in this mission, technology and right tools have left no stone unturned when it comes to providing a top-notch hotel guest experience. Looking for some inspiration and guidance in this sector was Lexen Hotel- North Hollywood.


Nestled in the heart of North Hollywood, Lexen is a chic boutique hotel that is just minutes away from the world-famous Universal Studios and within close proximity to attractions like Warner Bros Studios, Dolby Theater, Hollywood Walk of Fame and the nightlife of Universal City Walk. Today, Lexen receives a plethora of guests and provides them all with an invigorating experience. Boasting of several amenities, it calls people from far and wide to experience a restful and unforgettable stay in its rooms which smack of understated elegance. Today, it has succeeded in creating a strong presence by overcoming some of the major challenges: providing the guests with a seamless experience; as a newcomer, building a strong industry (market) presence, and increasing its reviews.


As a new brand, building a strong presence in one of the most competitive markets and increasing its review count on various platforms were not the only goals that Lexen had been nurturing. Its vision was broader than all of this combined- to provide the modern travelers with the kind of hospitality experience that is unique, differentiated and personalized in every sense of the term; something that is not just confined to the front desk!

Not as easy as it sounds, right?

Lexen’s vision was very clear: upscale the guest experience and create for itself a premium boutique brand, the foundation for which would be provided by the customers and their perspective, in short, the reviews on the OTAs.

Lexen was looking for a cutting-edge solution that would help manage guest reviews, collect guest feedback, and get more reviews. Furthermore, it required a solution that would enable in-hotel communication which, in turn, would allow them to connect with the guests at every touchpoint (pre-arrival, check-in, mid-stay and check-out). Such a holistic approach would eventually culminate into an elevated guest experience that will finally help tackle the issue of getting more reviews and driving more traffic.


Lexen had locked its target: it's very mission of elevating the guest experience. Its practical approach in this direction had one trait that quite remarkably stood out-"simplicity." Just as Lexen was harping on utilizing a simple solution to achieve its goals, its response and contribution to the overall plan and program were equally straightforward and clear. Making things interesting yet simple for the travelers is what every accommodation strives to provide. Thanks to Lexen's overall approach as its simplicity and clarity of vision were soon going to be the principal ingredients in the overall recipe of its empowerment.

Out of the many solutions available in the market to improve the scenario and steer it all in a positive direction, Lexen took its time figuring out that one platform which would be devoid of complexity and would be easy-to-use and less time-consuming, enabling the staff to access it easily without breaking their heads too much over it. The reason behind opting for a simple and effective solution was to enable the staff to concentrate on more significant aspects without really investing much time into learning something from scratch.



Get more quality online reviews on the sites that customers value and trust


Streamline guest reviews and feedback for every guest


Provide personalized contactless experience to every guest

"What we had been looking for was an easy-to-use solution that was premium but not pricey. Something powerful yet something that comes in handy and is easy to learn. GuestTouch definitely exceeded our expectations."


Automate the customer journey with personalized guest communication with messaging, guest feedback, and reviews generation.

And it happened.............

Lexen Met GuestTouch


In order to optimize its guest experience, Lexen Hotel- North Hollywood relied on GuestTouch’s platform, the implementation of which allowed the property to trace a steady increase in its review count and also helped streamline communication so staff could attend to guest requests, learn from guest feedback immediately, and manage and generate more reviews. Together, the two could pin down or attack the prevailing issues, and with a strong determination coordinated to give Lexen the desired results.

Based on the challenges that Lexen had been facing, GuestTouch came up with some of its effective solutions to uproot these problems:

1. Reputation Management
2. Guest Messaging


With GuestTouch’s cutting-edge Reputation Management, designed for modern hoteliers, Lexen saw a remarkable increase in the review generation. Earlier, it was problematic for the hotel to collect reviews from various OTA platforms and to reply to each of them with the help of their personnel who would have to devote a significant amount of their time going through each of them and responding to them. This hindered the hotel staff from investing their energy on more significant issues. With GuestTouch, began Lexen’s journey from Point A to Point B. Lexen could overcome its problems by allowing GuestTouch to aid in collecting reviews through optimal channels (SMS, emails) seamlessly and organically from all the platforms and putting them all on a single dashboard which made the review management easier. This way it could solve the problem of going to separate sources for review hunting.

"I am able to easily respond to feedback, across any channel, and easily route feedback to the right GM or operations manager to ensure that issues are resolved within the shortest time possible..." — David, Director of Operations, Lexen Hotel

❛❛ 100% personalized management engagement for every review.❜❜

Lexen also made use of GuestTouch’s Guest Messaging feature to connect with its guests at every touchpoint to provide a personalized contactless experience and to communicate any issues instantly while facilitating a quick resolution, including the mid-service recovery that cheered up many guests and generated positive reviews.

"We’re able to easily welcome guests and give our guests an easy communication channel. We can seamlessly collect guest feedback, across any channel, and get alerts which is important to ensure that issues are resolved quickly. With the dashboard we are able to track performance and respond to every review with a personal touch. GuestTouch has certainly helped us elevate the guest experience, engage seamlessly with guests and collect reviews to achieve Certificate of Excellence and boost online presence to drive results.” — David, Director of Operations, Lexen Hotel

❛❛ Paper information brochures have been reduced by 100% since we introduced GuestTouch Messaging❜❜


Such small steps led to an increase in traffic and the hotel ended up achieving a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from TripAdvisor in 2019.

On a leading platform like TripAdvisor, Lexen's overall performance proved commendable! Before joining GuestTouch, it had some 10 reviews along with a 3.9 rating on TripAdvisor. After joining GuestTouch in October 2018, it exhibited a remarkable progress in performance with a TripAdvisor rating of 4.5 along with some 93 reviews. This surely was a great leap! With the onset of 2020, Lexen has carved out a name for itself with a total rating of 4.5 and 151 reviews on TripAdvisor.

Even on Google, Lexen was on a roll. Today, it has a rating of 4.6 on Google along with 501 Google Reviews. The level of exuberance experienced by Lexen and of course, GuestTouch knew no bounds after a grueling period of perseverance combined with firm determination and inexorable vision.

Subsequently, the hotel went on to win the ‘Independent Hotel of the Year’ Award presented by the AAHOA(Asian American Hotel Owners Association), the largest hotelier association in the world in 2019.

To top it all off, today Lexen is among the 10% hotels in the world for achieving the most prestigious recognition of 'TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award, 2020.' Such a laudable accomplishment signifies that it is among the top 10% of all listings on TripAdvisor.

❛❛ Since GuestTouch, Lexen NoHo has been accelerating in a positive feedback loop of better customer communication, higher customer satisfaction, and more positive online reviews.❜❜





With GuestTouch came a technology-driven, end-to-end solution with the help of which Lexen Hotel- North Hollywood could achieve automation. But more than that, it was Lexen's unblinking determination and  unadulterated vision that took it where it is today. Since the staff was accustomed to such a system, it saved them much time and led to a marked improvement in the operational efficiency.

On the bigger front, it helped enhance the customer experience which generated more reviews and increased visibility by driving more bookings.

Lexen's example has proved that with the right vision, perseverance and use of right technology and products, every hotel can head in the right direction and achieve its S.M.A.R.T goals. Today, it continues to provide personalized experience to all categories of travelers at every touchpoint, and with the right tools.

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September 29, 2020

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