How Hotel Guest Messaging Solution Can Redefine The Hotel Guest Experience

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How easier would it be to enhance your hotel guest experience with a simple text message? With an automated messaging solution, be thrilled to anticipate and fulfill your guests’ expectations. Post-COVID, hotels have been redefining the hotel guest experience with all their might either by going contactless or sharing a personalized concierge. Learn how to do this and much more in the article that we have compiled, especially for hoteliers like you!

Hotel guest messaging solution is the latest technology in hotels

Nowadays, a guest's journey begins with a booking made over the phone and ends with an online review posted on the internet. With digitalization everywhere, it makes sense that a hotel’s interaction with the guests is fulfilled through a convenient medium like a hotel guest messaging solution.

Guest messaging is no longer a new trend in the hospitality industry. Almost all hotels are in line to upgrade their functionality and update their facilities with the help of the latest technology. Hotel messaging, staff handling, online reputation management, and much more are made possible through the integration of the right software. 

Statistics reveal that 78% of customers would purchase services or return to the same establishment again if they had a satisfying digital customer experience. This is why the digital bump in hotel guest service is vital for ensuring a decent guest journey. 

Guest messaging software is a top service that guarantees customers' comfort with the additional benefit of minimizing effort for both parties. Guest satisfaction is guaranteed from check-in to check-out, including all their mid-stay needs and activities, thus enhancing the pleasure of the hotel experience.

Automated Hotel Messages

Automation technology in hotels

As a hotelier, you may always be looking for ways to improve the guest experience in hotels. Although the concept of a hotel guest messaging solution has not been around for long, it is a practice that is here to remain, ready to be updated and modified over time. Initiating an automated messaging norm is more than just keeping up with hotel guest experience trends. 

It is an inevitable improvement in your infrastructure that allows you to keep in touch with your beloved guests and address their queries or concerns without delay. Ultimately, this technologically advanced form of guest hospitality will help you contact guests in their most comfortable form of communication at all times, from pre-arrival to post-check-out. 

If you are still wondering about what is guest message service and how it is favorable to hotels, here’s what you should do:

  1. Get a good read on the working of the messaging service and the many hotel guest experience examples used.
  2. Include a query about your customers’ likeness to the messaging approach in your hotel guest survey questions, and wait for the results.

Guest Messaging in Hotels Builds Credibility

hotel guest messaging solution for guest engagement 

Reputation is a high-priority concern for enterprises in the hospitality field, where the words ‘obsolete’ and ‘outdated’ are quite damaging. If you take a look at different instances and improvements in hotel guest experience technology, you will see that an automated hotel guest messaging solution is at the forefront of this structure. The advantages of this system are reflected in the quality and warmth of the hotel guest experiences. 

Consider a hotel guest experience app suited to implement hotel messaging to guests. You can set pre-approved messages and other essential information to be shared with them at any stage of their journey. Executing a well-planned hotel text messaging system has multiple benefits:

  • Increased guest engagement
  • Improved staff efficiency 
  • Quicker responsiveness to requirements
  • Streamlined hotel operations
  • Unconditional hospitality
  • Enhanced guest satisfaction
  • Strengthened brand loyalty

You can refine and polish your hotel guest experience with a superior messaging software solution that assists customers in their times of need and helps in managing your property smoothly.

How Effective is Guest Messaging?

Fulfilling guests' expectations through guest messaging

Guest experience ideas are constantly evolving. Sometimes, you may think that a hotel guest experience manager is needed to ensure that your customers receive a vacation that satisfies them and meets their expectations. It is at this point you realize that a hotel guest app with messaging features is the best option to save the day.

Messaging is one of the most effortless communication means in the present world, even for a formal conversation between an establishment and its guests. The simplicity of this hotel guest messaging solution not only makes it easier for customers to express their thoughts but is also time-saving for the entire team dedicating their best efforts towards a high hospitality guest experience. 

This helps hoteliers identify a pattern in guest requirements that greatly benefits the administration in bringing about the required updates. For example, analyzing guest messaging data will point out repeated queries and requests, like customers asking for the Wi-Fi password or demanding more towels. 

This can help you understand potential areas of improvement and take necessary action to avoid further criticisms of the same nature. 

Accountability is a significant issue when dealing with guests’ complaints and requests. An effective messaging facility will allow you to keep track of all your customers’ needs and staff’s responses. 

In addition to these pros, a positive outlook of growth and progress stems from accepting this technological innovation in the industry. Considered one of the hotel guest experience best practices, guest messaging is an impressive measure that captures the attention of customers.

An All-In-One Channel To Connect With Guests At All Stages

hotel guest messaging solution used at the various stages of the guest journey

In a post-pandemic world where the industry is just catching up to the necessities of contactless hospitality, guest messaging provides a competitive edge that cannot be ignored. The hotel guest messaging solution offers a management system for the administration to oversee operations and extends an all-in-one channel for customers to connect with the concerned parties. 

“How do hotels communicate with guests?” or “What is guest service in a hotel?” 

The answers to these questions have undergone a prominent change that must be welcomed and embraced. A hotel guest experience is more than just about the accommodations, the facilities, or the services. It is an episode molded by the ease and comfort of a hotel vacation in all aspects, from check-in to check-out. 

  • Establishing communication via messaging soon after booking reassures customers about the reservation.
  • Check-in information and other relevant details shared by message are easier to access - thereby assisting in a smooth, minimal check-in process.

  • Important particulars such as breakfast timings, swimming pool guidelines, and spa appointment links can be shared with guests through this messaging facility.
  • Customers can set their Do Not Disturb preferences, request room cleaning service, or view the restaurant menu with the help of this same mode.
  • Planting a guest message alert allows the management to deliver speedy responses and take an immediate course of action.

In short, a humble guest experience with no compromise in hospitality and pleasure should be available at your guests’ fingertips using this technology. 

Redefining Today’s Guest Experience and Services

redefining the hotel guest services

By automating messages with the help of a guest messaging solution, hoteliers can bring about a 180-degree change in how they provide guest experiences at their properties. This has advantages for both the staff and the guests:

  1. Boosts operational efficiency

With everything automated right from the pre-arrival messages to check-out, the staff does not have to indulge in the manual labor of sitting with a one-on-one service for messages to be sent out at particular touchpoints in the guest journey. 

Integrated with the AI-powered WebChat or chatbot, the quick and efficient responses allow staff to focus on other vital operation areas, thereby buying them time to interact with guests more effectively and in a personalized manner.

  1. Streamlines hotel operations

All processes in hotels are streamlined with messaging automation, allowing staff to welcome guests in a more personalized way. Team communication becomes a breeze and room alerts could be set up by coordinating staff operations and overall management.

  1. Swift replies

With guests appreciating faster replies in about 12 mins maximum via a text messaging solution, the hotel guest messaging solution can be relied upon for delivering replies within a few seconds. Combined with an AI-powered WebChat, faster response times could be attained for commonplace queries like breakfast, directions, shuttle services, etc, allowing the front desk to focus on performing multiple tasks simultaneously.

  1. Improved and consistent engagement across all stages of the guest journey

Personalized reach can be amplified consistently across the various touchpoints:

  • Pre-arrival

“Hello Carla, hope you’re all set to visit us tomorrow. The check-in is at 3 pm, let us know if you have any needs which could be accommodated prior to your arrival and we’ll have it ready for you. We look forward to your arrival.”

  • Check-in

“Welcome to Hotel Lex. To make your stay better, we have set up a digital amenity page listing all the information regarding our amenities and services (*the URL*). If you need any additional amenities, please reach out to our Front Desk via a simple text message. We wish you a wonderful stay.”

  • Mid-stay

“Hope your stay is going great so far! If there’s anything that you need or are facing any issues with room amenities, drop us a quick message and our Front Desk will be happy to assist you.”

  • Check-Out

“It’s time to bid you goodbye with the hope that you will return again. Hope you had a great stay and loved our services. Kindly help us know what you think about us by taking a quick survey on the link below (*the URL). This will help us improve your future experience. We hope to see you again.”

Scope of Hotel Guest Messaging Solution

hotel guest messaging solution to anticipate guests' needs

Messaging is more than SMS. Messaging is an ideal method of high convenience and flexibility. Over 80% of today’s consumers can easily connect with a message from an enterprise than a phone call or formal email. 

Hoteliers can boldly use this messaging facility to ask for feedback, acknowledge guests’ thoughts, apologize for any shortcomings, and assure them about making the right changes. This personal affirmation that their criticisms will be addressed could lessen the chances of a bad review. 

More importantly, a non-disruptive messaging history opens up the scope for further communication between a beloved customer and an appreciated business. You can use this medium to inform them of promotions, discounts, and other offers. If you are able to deliver an excellent guest experience in the first go, all you need is one message to invite them to revisit and recommend your hotel.

Final Takeaway

Customer satisfaction and brand reputation go hand-in-hand. Guest messaging is not just a new tool in the shed but a whole new pillar that strengthens the business understanding between the consumer and the establishment. Bringing this improvement to the running infrastructure of the hotel is a solid step to refresh, refine, and redefine the guest experience.

With Guest Messaging, Anticipate and Fulfill Your Guests’ Needs From The Very First Stage Of The Guest Journey

automated messaging for hotels
  • Get direct leads
  • Craft excellent pre-arrival and other guest journey messages
  • Upsell and engage with guests throughout the guest journey
  • Welcome each guest with a personalized concierge page

And Much More!

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November 16, 2022

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