Reviews Widget

The only Reviews Widget that you’ll ever need

Increase Direct Sales. Showcase Fresh Reviews from the Sites Your Customers Trust
95% of travellers read reviews before booking
Get more reviews and feedback seamlessly

Collect reviews and feedback from guests automatically via email or text messages.

Showcase your best reviews
Automatically show best reviews on your website to influence and increase direct sales.
Turn-key and scalable solution
Easily connect other products from GuestTouch at any time. Need to support a multi-hotel chain? We’ve got you covered!
How it Works
Collect & Sync Reviews
Sync all your reviews from sites like Google, TripAdvisor,, Expedia and more!
Select the best reviews or automate
Select your reviews from different sources or simply automate to show new fresh positive reviews.
Showcase and convert
Your website will show your positive reviews.
Increase Your Direct Sales
Upto 60% of travellers who book through an OTA will visit your hotel website to learn more.
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes absolutely, you can pick and choose the review that you would like to showcase or simply automate – so best fresh reviews keep showing up on your website with our you having to do anything.
95% of bookings are influenced by reviews. What travelers look for is quality and recency of the reviews, so with GuestTouch review widget, you can automatically show the best and latest reviews from the sites your customers’ trust, proactively during the website visits, something that static copy just can’t do..

Yes, you can start with the trial and also cancel anytime, and for a limited time- if you signup for GuestTouch Reputation, then you can get this feature for free.