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We manage reviews globally for hospitality brands of all types and sizes, Including

One Dashboard. All Your Reviews and Direct Guest Feedback

  • Automatically Track reviews from all booking platforms that influence your guests' decisions, like TripAdvisor, Google, Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, Hostelworld, Yelp, and more. See them all in one place.
  • Track trends, analyze feedback, and respond professionally to influence booking decisions.

Turn Happy Guests into Reviews (and Boost Your Ranking)

  • Boost Guest Reviews & Ranking: GuestTouch removes review barriers with a one-click process, making it easier for happy guests to leave you glowing reviews or collect direct guest feedback. This translates to a boost in positive reviews and a higher ranking on booking platforms, ultimately improving your online reputation and attracting more guests.
  • Attract More Bookings: More positive reviews lead to a higher ranking on booking platforms, attracting new guests and boosting your bottom line.

Ditch the Boring Surveys, Get Raving Reviews!

GuestTouch goes beyond clunky surveys. We offer customized feedback that guests actually enjoy giving. Our unique design helps you collect proactive, actionable insights and authentic reviews so you can constantly improve and impress your audience and drive real results.

Respond to All Reviews & Build Real Relationships!

GuestTouch works closely with your team, monitors, and responds professionally to each review to make sure your property is perceived great by your potential customers. Draft compelling responses to each review with the help of our expert team and algorithmic prompts to make sure your property is perceived great.

  • Personalized Replies, Your Way: GuestTouch offers AI-powered prompts (DIY) or managed responses (Concierge) to personalize reviews effortlessly.
  • Effortless Personalization or Guaranteed Quality: Choose DIY for self-service or Concierge for expert-managed responses. GuestTouch ensures high-quality communication, freeing you up.
  • Build Trust, Attract Guests: 94% of potential guests read reviews before booking. Personalized responses that address guest concerns and showcase appreciation instill trust and significantly improve conversion rates.
  • Respond Your Way, Every Time, with Smart Approval Workflows: GuestTouch empowers you to personalize responses to every review, no matter how many you receive. Our built-in workflow adapts to your unique approval process for managed responses. This ensures every response reflects your brand voice and high standards before it's published.
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Engage with All Your Guests in Their Language

GuestTouch bridges the language gap, allowing you to connect with customers on a personal level, regardless of where they're from. This fosters deeper engagement and strengthens your brand reputation on a global scale.

Real-Time Alerts on Your Terms

Get notified about reviews and guest feedback the moment they come in, no matter your preference. Choose from in-app notifications, email alerts, or even WhatsApp messages.


of bookings are influenced by reviews


choose better-rated places, even if it costs more


properties are viewed on average per booking


of customers, businesses risk losing if they have just one recent negative review on Google

Strategic management reports that keeps you ahead of the curve

Reports so good that your staff will love to read it. GuestTouch provides you with detailed review analytics giving hotels insights guest experience and identifies areas for operational improvements. Our simple to understand custom reports and comprehensive data enables hotels to leverage key insights to market your property.

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Drive Growth with Powerful Reporting

Forget dry reports! GuestTouch empowers you with engaging, data-driven insights that reveal your guests' experiences and pinpoint areas for improvement. Our customizable reports are easy to understand and packed with actionable data to empower you to deliver exceptional guest experiences and stay ahead of the curve.

Actionable Insights from Guest Reviews
GuestTouch transforms your guest reviews into a goldmine of actionable insights, presented simply and clearly. No data analysis expertise needed! Our engineered analytics reveal hidden trends and opportunities.

Boost Rankings & Reviews: Get Seen & Loved on Top OTAs

GuestTouch helps you focus on OTAs and climb the ranks, generating a steady stream of fresh reviews on trusted platforms like TripAdvisor and Google. We understand that both quality and quantity matter for your online reputation. Our seamless integration makes getting great reviews a breeze, boosting your visibility and attracting more guests.

Effortless Review Collection: SMS, Email, QR Codes & PMS Integration

GuestTouch empowers you to collect guest reviews and feedback in the way that works best for you:

  • Instant Review Invites: Send personalized review requests via SMS, WhatsApp, email, or QR codes, making it easy for happy guests to share their experience.
  • Automated Workflows w/PMS Integration: Seamlessly integrate GuestTouch with your PMS to automatically trigger review requests at key points in the guest journey, maximizing response rates.
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Easily integrate with your PMS to unlock a complete 360° view of your guest experience.

Track the entire guest journey, from booking to check-out, and gain richer context for every piece of feedback.

GuestTouch is the best decision I’ve made for this hotel so far.

"GuestTouch helped us generate reviews seamlessly from our guests. For hotels nowadays, we observed that some guests are increasingly using reviews as a threat/weapon or tool. The vast majority of our guests that had a great experience did not leave reviews, even when asked or solicited. This has changed now with GuestTouch. GuestTouch is the best decision I’ve made for this hotel so far."

Michael K
General Manager
GuestTouch makes it easy not having to worry about that aspect of the operations.

"GuestTouch has helped reduce the stress level associated with managing reviews and professionally engaging with guests on the various platforms. GuestTouch makes it easy not having to worry about that aspect of the operations.  It easily pays for itself each month in time savings. It has been huge for our boutique portfolio. "

Kevin Thomas
Director of Operations
I appreciate GuestTouch and its team for what they do for us.

"Managing reviews daily is difficult for GM of a boutique property like us who has 100 other things to do. I appreciate GuestTouch and its team for what they do for us."

David Ramirez
Director of Sales
Review management with GuestTouch is much, much easier.

We have used several systems before, Review management with GuestTouch is much, much easier.

Vijay Patel
General Manager

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