The Easiest Way to Claim Your Business On TripAdvisor

If you haven’t yet claimed your business on TripAdvisor, now is the time to do it. With TripAdvisor, you’ll be able to connect with customers and travelers from all over the world, and generate unique new opportunities to build your brand and grow your business.

Before we get started here is a common question:

"How much does it cost to list a business on TripAdvisor?"

It’s free to get listed and to claim your business. With this, you can do pretty much most of the essential tasks: add photos, respond to reviews, add/edit business details, etc. There is also an option to upgrade your account where you will have additional perks like adding your website, phone number and much more.

Now, here are the simple steps to claim your business on TripAdvisor:

Step 1: Simply visit TripAdvisor for Business page and type in your business name.

Step 2: Once you see your business name on the list, click on it. If you do not see your business name under the drop-down, that means your business is not listed yet. In that case, click here to follow the easy steps

Step 3: You guessed it right! Click on “Claim your Business” button.

Step 4: Login with your username and password. But, if you don’t have the login, you can create login with your Google, Facebook or simply with your email.

Step 5: Fill out the necessary details on the form and press “Continue”

Step 6: Now it’s time to Verify your business: There are two options here:

Option 1: Verify by phone (call or text) or
Option 2. Verify with Credit card.

The most common and easiest option is the verification by phone.

Option 1: Steps To Verify Your Listing By Phone:

When you decide on verification by phone, the phone number of your business will be shown. (If the number is outdated, you can always click the “Request Update” link at the bottom of the box. Then follow the instructions to request an update.)

If the number is correct, please choose a method to receive your verification code — either by phone call or SMS/ text message. If your phone number requires an extension, you may enter it into the field and continue. Their system will either call or text you the four-digit verification code. Enter these four digits into the box provided and click “Submit Code.”

Congrats! You have successfully verified your identity by phone.

Option 2: Steps To Verify Your Listing With A Credit Card:

If phone verification method doesn’t work for you, you can also use a credit card (authorization purposes only). TripAdvisor does put $1 hold on the card in order to confirm its validity as well as your identity, but no actual charges will be processed.

Please note that the card you use should bear your name, not that of a manager or colleague. In other words, just make sure that you are using your card (not of your manager or colleague) They will ask some details such as:

• Your country (country in which the card was issued)
• Type of card (Visa, American Express, etc.)
• Credit card number
• Cardholder name
• Expiration date
• Security code from the back of the card
• Billing information (includes your name, address and postal code, along with your country’s phone dialing code and phone number)

Once you have successfully submitted your information, you will see a confirmation message on the screen.

That’s it! Once you have successfully submitted your information, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. You’ll then be linked to the Management Center for your business. Here you will be able to respond to guest reviews, manage photos, update business details,and much more to attract new customers to your business. In short, this is how you can claim listing on TripAdvisor and verify it.

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Posted on
March 6, 2020

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