Actionable Tactics on Hotel Reputation, Reviews, Guest Messaging, and more!

The Days Of Copy-Paste Are Over! Here’s How To Respond Uniquely To the Positive And Negative TripAdvisor Reviews

This article talks about the importance of providing personalized and unique hotel review responses against copy-paste responses to instill trust and credibility among travelers.

How Mobile Messaging In Hotels Can Streamline Operations

This article talks about streamlining and simplifying hotel operations through the use of mobile messaging

Why TripAdvisor Hotel Reviews Will Continue To Remain Important

This article talks extensively about the significance of TripAdvisor hotel reviews in the present-day world along with its growth and popularity.

GuestTouch & InnQuest Collaborate To Provide A Next-Generation Guest Engagement And Reviews Platform For Modern Hoteliers

GuestTouch teams up with InnQuest to modernize the guest engagement and reviews platform for new-age hoteliers.

Incredible Ways Of Utilizing Text Messaging For Vacation Rentals

This article talks about how to use text messaging for smooth functioning of vacation rental business to carry on effective communication with guests at all stages, thereby minimizing the extra time spent on the admin tasks.

How Hotel Pre-Arrival Messaging Can Boost Its Operational Efficiency

This article talks about how to boost operational efficiency with hotel pre-arrival messages by scheduling messages of time and prioritizing operations in the areas like housekeeping among others.

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